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Universal media decoder in MPEG4 format
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Ffdshow is a media decoder, allowing you to quickly and accurately decode video streams in MPEG-4 ASP. The first version was released in 2002. The developer of the DivX and XviD decoder is Milan Cutka. After his refusal to further develop the program, the ffdshow-tryouts project took over support.

This decoder has practically no analogues when it comes to functionality and the number of the supported formats. For more than a decade, the program is constantly being improved and updated, correcting the detected errors and continuing to suprise consistently with high performance.

Those ustomers, who have discovered the ffdshow for the first time, sometimes wonder what formats are better to decode using this program. You can receive the answer to this question only after experimenting with the decoder, turning on/off support for different formats.
When installing, the user has to choose which audio and video formats ffdshow will decode. You should also choose which additional processing the program will perform.

Ffdshow has no integrated media player, but any media player that supports DirectShow interface can use the decoder automatically. You just have to download fdshow to your PC to get the video of the highest quality with a low processor utilization at the same time. The fdshow decoder is a real salvation for users with low iron. Video will no longer slow down due to the excellent performance of the program.
The main advantages of the program:

  • Support for subtitles;
  • Choice of codecs;
  • The ability to remove the picture from the screen;
  • Filter of images post-processing;
  • Control with the keyboard;
  • Brightness and resolution control;
  • Integrated audio filters, mixer and equalizer, which are also useful.

Download fdshow free right now from our website and enjoy video playback of high-quality.

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