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AVIDemux is an application that can run on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD. Application icon can tell from which platform development started. The project is in-demand and robust - as evidenced by the fact that the new version, which can be downloaded free of charge from our site, came out recently (May 9, this year).

When installing the program, you will notice that among the optional components to be installed there is Avisynth. This is very good news, because, as you know, Avisynth scripts used instead of video, can indefinitely extend the functionality of the program (download AVIDemux for free on our website).

The appearance of your window and functionality which is obvious after checking the menu, indicate that AVIDemux is very similar to a well-known VirtualDub. Lack of phase method and timeline make this software rather a utility than a full-fledged amateur video editor.
The main difference from VirtualDub is the possibility of processing of a great number of video files in different formats, which is an undeniable plus for developers. To get started with video right now, you can download AVIDemux from our website. Also the number of filters is satisfying (tools for processing fields alone contains as much as 26 pieces) and a clearly arranged manager.

If we recall, when VirtualDub is most commonly used, and compare the quality of the corresponding functions in AVIDemux, it turns out that the last does a great job - cuts and combines the initial video files without re-encoding, preserving the original quality.
Wonderful tool can be at your disposal, you can download AVIDemux free from our website right now.

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AVIDemux for Windows PC

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+1 MrJohn
I've been using this programme for a long time already, and I know all it's pros and cons. Definitely, I'll recommend to give it a shot. Maybe it'll be too complicated at the first time, but when you'll get used to it, you will be very pleased with its functions.

2015-07-20 08:18

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0 nick
:)It's a good program. Easy to use and feature rich. I recommend it. Thank you.:)

2014-09-23 16:30

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