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Evernote is a web service and a userfriendly set of programs helping to create and store notes. Notes can be in the form of a formatted text fragment, an entire web page, photo, write by hand or with an audio file. Notes can also contain other types of file attachments. Notes can be sorted by notebooks, they can be tagged, they can also be edited and exported. Download Evernote free from our site using the link.

Evernote is designed to run on multiple (including mobile) platforms: iOS, OS X, Android, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, MS Windows, webOS and BlackBerry. With Evernote online backup and synchronization is available. This software was founded by Stepan Pachikov, first time the open beta version was introduced in summer 2008. In July 2013, the user audience had increased up to 65 million people. If you are interested in this popular online service, download Evernote free from our site.

Arguments in favor of Evernote

  • Notes can be synchronized on all devices and computers;
  • You can create both text notes and also task lists;
  • Notes can be animted by handwritten insertions and drawings;
  • Files can be both saved and also synchronized and shared with others;
  • You can search for text on images;
  • Notes can be organized either by labels or by notebooks;
  • Support for Evernote Business: creation, reviewing and search for information, the ability to share business notebooks, business notes from the tablet or phone;
  • Notes can be sent by E-mail;
  • Tweets can be saved in Evernote;
  • Evernote can connect to other products and applications;
  • Notes can be published on Twitter or Facebook;
  • Offline mode notebooks, which can be used at any time, are available for premium members;
  • Premium users can open their notebooks for editing;
  • Premium users can protect the app with a PIN-code.

If you the number of opportunities presented by the service caught your interest, we invite you to learn it better and download Evernote free from our website right now.

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Evernote for Windows PC

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This program is simply genial. I use it to fix thoughts on my life and my work. My notes are strictly organized by labels so I could find easily what I need at the moment. It’s really worth trying.

2015-08-06 01:25

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