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			Mozilla Sunbird

Mozilla Sunbird is an application with an open sourcecode from the developers of one of the most popular browsers - Mozilla Firefox. Its main functions are calendar, diary and organizer. Among a number of programs with similar functionality, this program stands out and leads. First of all, Mozilla Sunbird can be downloaded for free.

Secondly, it works on different operating systems and has many original features:

  • Ability to work with several calendars
  • Convenient form of representing data in each calendar
  • You can provide shared access to your data through WebDAV server
  • There are different themes and a rich selection of additional modules and plugins
  • Can sync with Google Calendar

It also stands to mention that there is a version of a program called Mozilla Sunbird Portable Edition which differs because it can run from USB-drive. None of your data will be lost since the application stores it in its own folder which is created during installation. Mozilla Sunbird program compares favorably with paper diaries - the application does not require any extra hassle and completely frees you from paperwork fuss.

You will not miss any important date or event, and in addition, you can record everything necessary and interesting, such as friends' birthdays, school schedule of your child or the desired meeting. Calendars can be developed for many years ahead. If you need a good assistant in storing the necessary information - this app is for you!

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