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			Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a functional program for collecting information about devices on the network with the function of scanning IP addresses. The utility finds all devices running an application for remote administration and easily connects to them through integration.

To scan the network, the user must enter the range of desired IP addresses. After clicking the “Scan” button, the analysis process will start, and at the end a list of network computers will be displayed. You can add computers to the Favorites tab to work with them all the time. To do this, after scanning, you need to select the necessary devices and select the option "Add to Favorites" in the menu. To add a computer, you can use the menu item "Actions" and then "Add a computer." The user will need to enter the device data in the window that appears. You can save information about your PC from the list of computers. The file is saved in .html, .xml or .csv. The program will be useful to system administrators.

Features Advanced IP Scanner

  • online scanning with reliable results;
  • collecting information about devices on the network and gaining access to their resources;
  • Providing access to shared folders and FTP servers;
  • only the necessary functions;
  • the ability to integrate with Radmin;
  • remote control of computers, their inclusion and shutdown;
  • no installation required;
  • the ability to save and load a list of computers;
  • definition of MAC addresses;
  • the possibility of group operations;
  • running ping, ssh, tracert commands;
  • Scanning RDP resources and accessing them directly from the program;
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • laconic design.

Disadvantages of the program

  • No open port scanner.

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Advanced IP Scanner for Windows PC

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