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Utility to control the temperature of the processor, the rotational speed of coolers, etc.
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SpeedFan is a powerful free tool for configuring and monitoring of computer components to fit your needs. Key goal of SpeedFan is gaining access to temperature sensors and changing the fan speed to reduce noise.

You can download free and use SpeedFan to control the temperature of such individual components as the CPU, motherboard, hard disks, the program also sets the clock frequencies of the motherboard and processor.

An important feature of the tool is to control the speed of the fans installed on the computer, if it exceeds a certain temperature, SpeedFan automatically adds the fan speed. The application can find virtually any monitoring system, connected to a 2-wire bus SMBus, and works with Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Windows Vista, 64-bit versions of Windows.

The latest version of SpeedFan supports Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, SCSI drives and is optimized with ACPI. SpeedFan works with almost any number of south bridges, hard disks, temperatures, voltages, fan speeds and pulse-width modulation.

We encourage our users to download and install the free SpeedFan program, the application is very necessary, but it can be quite difficult for configuering to a novice user, so please read before configuring the program, this is the only way you get control of your equipment.


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SpeedFan for Windows PC

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0 James
Must-have software for every 'overclocker'. Still, installing on your laptop is not recommended - risk of breakage

2016-07-04 06:57

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0 Michael
It helped me to increase fan speed of videocard. Now my videocard is not like a hot frying pan as before :)

2016-03-20 18:43

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0 Sanchez
Hi bro! Can you describe your settings?

2016-03-22 09:59

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