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Utility to create a bootable flash drive with Windows
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WinToFlash is a utility with which anyone will be able to transfer the installation files of the Microsoft Windows OS from the installation disk to flash media.
The disadvantage of the technology which is used to create CD and DVD storage is its short-lived character, as the discs can be scratched or broken, we should also say that discs can be affected negatively by the environment.

Now every user using WinToFlash, can easily transfer all files, needed for installation of the Windows OS, to the flash media thus making the flash drive an installation drive.

The application can support both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows OSs and allows you to create flash media with additional OS emergency loader, and allows you to transfer as user's installation data, for example, serial number, and the MS-DOS system itself.

After the data is transferred to the drive, WinToFlash can check it for correctness and errors.
It is worth saying that this application has an additional useful feature which is built-in module called "AntiSMS". This feature allows you to fight viruses which block the Windows OS and extort from the user to pay for access to the system.

This module is also able to delete such files as autorun.inf or make corrections to the hosts file, as well as disable suspect services, "treat" blocking the MBR and other tasks.

Key features and functions of this application are:

  • the ability to create installation flash media of the Windows OS;
  • support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows;
  • the program allows you to remove winlockers;

You can download WinToFlash free from our website right now.

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WinToFlash for Windows PC

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WinToFlash is a very useful application. I usually use it when my Windows OS becomes slowly. This application makes installation of any OS very easy. I should just have a flash media and nothing more.

2016-08-14 12:42

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