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The program to fix DLL errors
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			DLL-Files Fixer

DLL-Files Fixer is a service utility that optimizes the work of digital .dll libraries for Windows. Detects and replaces improperly functioning libraries. It detects missing .dll files and downloads them from the Internet.

Able to fragment registry entries. Analyzes digital applications requests, and introduces the appropriate changes, if there are errors and collisions associated with .dll-libraries in their work. Determines the most optimal way to access the .dll files for each specific application than speeds up the performance of the PC.

Functional DLL Files Fixer

  • Conducts in-depth analysis of the system, identifies "conflicts," errors "and" collisions "caused by incorrect operation of the .dll-libraries, highlights them in the interface, offers to download and implement the" solution "of each specific problem;
  • Stops incorrectly functioning services and applications, integrates missing / properly working .dll files in the appropriate directories;
  • Analyzes digital calls to .dll-libraries in real time, automatically detects and initiates troubleshooting methods, if detected;
  • Blocks the constant pop-up of notifications informing about incorrect operation or lack of .dll files, highlights blocked notifications of problems in the interface;
  • Composites fragmented / fixes incorrect / cleans unnecessary registry entries during its defragmentation.

Utility features

  • Powerful troubleshooting algorithms caused by improperly functioning .dll files;
  • The ability to correct errors associated with. DLL-libraries, "in one click";
  • Availability of integrated tools for debugging and defragmenting the registry;
  • The function to hide annoying error messages;
  • Protection of the system against collisions and errors in real time;
  • Optimization of the use of “hardware” resources and increase in the system performance, due to automatic “situational substitution” of the most appropriate ways to access .dll-libraries for each case.


  • Some .dll errors cannot be fixed automatically;
  • Blocking notifications does not always help.

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