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Use a portable gadget like a mouse for a computer
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			Mouse Remote

Remote Mouse - part of the same name "software spark" for Windows. Allows you to "turn" a portable gadget running Adnroid or iOS into an interactive keyboard and mouse. Provides synchronization with PC via wireless Wi-Fi protocol.

It can interact with both the “base” virtual keyboard Remote Mouse and the “standard” / third-party ”virtual keyboards for portable gadgets, including emoticons and emoji. Emulates cursor movement based on touchscreen data.

Function Mouse Remote

  • It synchronizes between parts of the program on a PC and a portable gadget using IP-protocol or QR-code through the specified Wi-Fi network;
  • Analyzes clicking on the touchscreen, interprets them into Windows-friendly code that carries the coordinates of the mouse and emulates the movement of the cursor on the PC screen;
  • Visualizes the virtual keyboard, determines the “pressed” key based on the data from the touchscreen and emulates the key-pressing code in the OS kernel;
  • Replaces the “basic” Mouse Remote keyboard selected from the list of “standard” or “third-party” keyboards initiated in the portable gadget system;
  • Automatically interprets the “pressed” emoticon or emoji-element in a form suitable for use in the interface of an open program on a PC. In the absence of such - “inserts” the symbolic analogue of the selected emoticon.

Special features

  • The ability to "transform" a portable gadget into a wireless mouse and keyboard;
  • Relatively realistic mouse movement emulation (the cursor does not “jump”);
  • Support for semi-automatic synchronization by scanning a QR code;
  • The ability to choose between the “basic” Mouse Remote keyboard, the “standard” keyboard of a portable gadget and third-party keyboards;
  • Low probability of out of sync.


  • With sufficient removal of the portable gadget or PC from the point of Wi-Fi access involved, “jams” are possible;
  • After prolonged operation, automatic dissynchronization and resynchronization take place;
  • Some emoticons and emoji from "third-party" keyboards are displayed incorrectly on the PC.

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Mouse Remote for Windows PC

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