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Palit is program for matching colors, you can always download it free from our site. The program is useful primarily for webmasters, artists in various graphic editors, while in printing text and so on.

Palit contains detailed documentation describing all the options and interface. In the beginning it may seem that the program is very cryptic and unintuitive, but it's worth a little bit to get it right, and everything will fall into place.

Follow the instructions on obtaining the color code. At the top of the interface is located 256-color matrix , from which, in fact, colors are extracted and turned into code. First, find the color you want (if the original palette has no color you want, you can "play" with such colour sliders as "Hue", "Saturation", "Value", located in the second row on the right, below the matrix, previously clicking "Matrix" in the "Operation mode"), then click the right mouse button and for convenience drag the chosen color to the palette with shades in the row of 2-8 (not the first and certainly, in the bottom row!) by clicking the left mouse button.

Further, in the lower right corner there is a small section with numbered colors - "R= ..." (Red), "G= ..." (Green), "B= ..." (Blue) - from it, respectively , rewrite these colors (numbers) in the second row on the left (which is at the bottom of the matrix), click into each field and press ENTER to get the code in the required form. For example, the shade of gray with parameters "R="175", G="175", B="175" has the code "AFAFAF" (codes of such variation are typically used), which already can be copied to any editor or other programs.

You can download Palit program from our site is free now.

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