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Process Explorer is an application designed to replace Windows Task Manager. Product's developer is the Sysinternals company, but right now they moved away from the Microsoft. The application works in the line of Windows, from XP and ending with Win8, supported by 32 and 64 bit OS. Download Process Explorer free from our site.

Compared with the Task Manager, the above browser has a number of advantages. First, a list of processes, which is hierarchical. This allows you to keep monitoring which applications consume operating system resources. Another handy item is the presence of the manufacturer's logo icon next to each process. Secondly, there is a comfortable panel of resource consumption graphs. You can specify the measurement range of CPU or memory, look trough a single process consumption graph. Thirdly, Process Explorer is able to freeze any process.

The program has two options of operation. Descriptors mode allows you to see open descriptors of the noted process, libraries mode - all loaded by DLL process and files. These features make the Process Explorer an indispensable tool for solving the problems of dynamic libraries versioning and denotation leaks. Full functionality of Process Explorer is described on Sysinternals website.

The program is installed by running procexp.exe file (or procexp64.exe), and you can bind the launch of the browser to Task Manager hotkeys.

You can download Process Explorer free from our website right now.

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