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Silverlight is a special platform with which you can run different graphic elements to create interactive web applications based on Microsoft.Net. This is a great alternative to Flash Player, which is its main competitor. Silverlight platform was developed by Microsoft. Silverlight is adapted for different browsers. The new version of the module is available on our website where you can download Silverlight free.

The new version of the interactive module includes about 50 new features, the most significant of which are:

  • improved safety and reliability,
  • more modern support for multimedia and video files, including support for H.264 video format,
  • the application can run outside of the browser,
  • improved graphics, artistic effects, supports graphics in 3D,
  • more effective web application development.

The latest version of Silverlight can be downloaded from the Microsoft Update Center. You can also download Silverlight from our website. If you already have an earlier version of the application, the latest version will be offered as an upgrade.

The latest version is self-updated for getting new versions, which is disabled by default. The module is compatible with Web applications which are created in earlier versions of Silverlight.
Silverlight is supported by Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, its size for the installation is about 6 MB. It has a Freeware license.

You can download Silverlight free now from our web portal.

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