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			Win Toolkit

Win Toolkit is a program that allows you not only to create and adjust the image of the Windows operating system, but also to combine several operating systems on one image, which can differ in the ways of information processing, that is, 32 and 64 bit.

If you prepare in advance images of disks with valuable information and keep them in a safe place, then in the future you will not have to be upset because of their loss or damage. To quickly create your own system image on removable media and add any objects to it, use the powerful free utility Win Toolkit.

Win Toolkit features

  • Creating and configuring an optical and full boot disk.
  • Support multiple image formats.
  • Dividing the image into the required number of parts.
  • Add and remove any objects.
  • Automatic update of all important system components.
  • Creating the necessary adons from the installation programs with further integration into the selected image.
  • The availability of registry entries within the image for adjustment, deletion or addition.

Benefits of Win Toolkit

  1. High speed work.
  2. Intuitive interface.
  3. The program does not require installation.

The application is very convenient for installing operating systems on devices that do not have an optical drive, and is indispensable in cases when it is necessary to restore any system partition after a system failure, if you have previously saved an image of a hard disk of a computer in a safe place.

Win Toolkit will help protect yourself from irretrievable data loss and save a lot of time.

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