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If you need a multi archiver that you can get for free - choose TUGZip. In addition to its main purpose, an application can perform various operations with disk images that can be attributed to its merits.

Apart from the direct purpose, the TUGZip application has a number of useful features:

  • Functionality expands by connecting the individual plugins
  • Works with such disk images as ISO and BIN, NRG and other
  • You can back up files automatically, creating custom scripts
  • The app is conveniently located in Windows explorer. If you open multiple files with a large number of files, the app can lag a bit.
  • Working with archives containing multiple volumes, is no different from working with one-volume archives
  • The ability to encrypt files in several ways: Blowfish, DES, AES
  • Integration with antivirus software and check for viruses prior to archives' opening.
  • You can save files in groups to one folder
  • Its developers regularly update the archiver, new versions are automatically checked via the Internet
  • Multilingual interface
  • The Ability to compress files of ACE or RAR type.

TUGZip works on all Windows OSs. This application for backing up files is considered the best freeware among its analogues. The archiver doesn't take a lot of RAM and doesn't affect the speed of your PC.

Download TUGZip free from our website and satisfy yourself of a wide functionality of this application! File archiving and archives' unpacking in any format will be much easier with it.

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TUGZip for Windows PC

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