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Bandizip is a very fast, powerful and reliable program archiver , thanks to which you can work with the most common archive formats. This program uses modern work algorithms for compression and decompression, which provides very fast archiving. The program includes support for Drag and Drop - drag and drop and batch compression.

Bandizip can work stably with Windows OS of all versions, it has its own bandwidth technology, which allows you to compress even very large files. After installation, Bandizip integrates into the explorer, making it much easier to work with the program - all operations can be performed directly through the explorer.

The advantages of this archiver do not end with the operational work with files; it also has an advanced encryption algorithm, which contributes to reliable protection of information from hacking. Also on any archive you can set your password, which is simply impossible to pick up and decrypt.

We should also mention the multivolume recording function, which allows you to send a large number of large files by e-mail.

Main features and capabilities of the Bandizip archiver

  • Support for all the most common archive formats.
  • The function of skipping files that can not be compressed.
  • The ability to securely protect archived information with a password.
  • Integration into Windows Explorer.
  • Ability to conduct file operations directly from the context menu.
  • Support for multi-volume archives.

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