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Component package for the correct operation of 3D games
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DirectX 11 is a package of software components that ensures the normal launch of games and clear playback of video files on a personal computer. If you use more professional terms, DirectX 11 combines a set of API functions that prevent errors at the time of launch of computer games, as well as eliminate problems in the process of playing video files.

Real gamers have long known that almost any game disc includes DirectX software. In most cases, the DirectX version of the game is delivered to the user along with the game.

With each new update, DirectX developers strive to find the optimal ratio of power distribution between the video card and the CPU. Installing the application in the PC system provides high performance graphics accelerators, which are responsible for the most realistic filling images on a computer monitor.

Features DirectX 11

The package includes several applications that ensure the operability of the corresponding elements:

  • Direct3D - is responsible for the support of 3D graphics;
  • DirectPlay - supports the protocol for online games;
  • DirectDraw - creates optimal conditions for working with two-dimensional graphics and activates the acceleration of the display response;
  • DirectSound - organizes sound effects settings (3D sound and mixing) by gaining access to the sound card hardware;
  • DirectInput - performs command processing from the keyboard and mouse;
  • DirectSetup is a DirectX 11 installation component.

DirectX 11 compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, as well as Windows 8 and 8.1

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