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DirectX 12 is a new graphics API that optimizes the functional interaction of the operating system and applications with loading any video card drivers. The latest version of DirectX does not require installation of a new video card, since for most GPUs support for Dx12 is provided. The developers of Microsoft on the eve of the release of the updated Dx12 announced new prospects for increasing the performance of complex scenes and effects.

Features DirectX 12

Due to the low-level rendering, the ability to access the video card's backup potential has been finalized, which will significantly increase the performance of even old games.

Major changes in the latest version

  1. The introduction of multi-stream optimization will allow a more even distribution of the load on the CPU cores (typical of multi-core processors).
  2. Supports all types of Microsoft devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks, Xbox One gaming platform and personal computers.
  3. An updated version of the application of blend modes and conservative rasterization, the combined use of which is designed to significantly optimize the process of cutting off objects and collision recognition, has been implemented.
  4. Multi-level support for compressed formats of new resources - ASTC (received the designation ARM, integrated with the official extension of OpenGL) and JPEG.

Pixel Shader Ordering determines the frequency of control over the access of the pixel shader to resources in a given mode, which limits the integration of artifacts at the time of rendering transparent objects. This is an analogue of the PixelSync extension that Intel developers previously used for the Iris GPU.

The improved state of pipeline objects and descriptor tables predetermined a reduced level of equipment abstraction.

It is possible to combine graphic cards from different manufacturers into a single system shell.

In view of the fact that a separate DirectX 12 installer does not currently exist, installing a package is possible only in update mode via Windows Update.

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