nVIDIA ForceWare 342.01

Universal driver for GeForce video cards
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			nVIDIA ForceWare

nVIDIA ForceWare is the official driver for the GeForce graphics company from nVIDIA. These drivers have been certified by WHQL.

It is intended for graphics cards of GeForce 500 series.
This set of drivers for the graphics video cards include a series of GeForce 6, 7 , 8, 9, 100, 200, 300 and 400, as well as drivers for ION GPU.

It is worth saying that the nVIDIA ForceWare 320.49 version was expanded, namely:

  • The increase in productivity of up to 20% was noticed in some games, for graphics processors belonging to a series of GeForce 400/500/600, with the help of the new official drivers, compared with the official WHQL-certified drivers for GeForce 314.22, some toys. These results may vary depending on the applied graphic processor and system configuration settings.

You can download nVIDIA ForceWare free from our website right now.

Additional improvements:

  • PhysX v 9.13.0604 software was installed;
  • HD Audio v audio driver was added;
  • Support for applications which were created with the CUDA 5.5 or earlier versions of CUDA Toolkit, was added;
  • Support for OpenGL 4.3 GPU GeForce 400 series and later versions;
  • Support for DisplayPort 1.2 for GPU of GeForce GTX 600 series;
  • Support for many languages was added, and an API for computing on GPU: CUDA C++, CUDA C, Microsoft C++ AMP, DirectCompute CUDA Fortran and OpenCL;
  • There is support for a single GPU, and NVIDIA SLI* technology based on DirectX 9 and DirectX 10.

You can download nVIDIA ForceWare free from our website.

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Sunday, 17 June 2018
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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32 & 64 bit

nVIDIA ForceWare for Windows PC

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0 Mike
it is a good programm, i like it.

2017-04-10 19:42

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0 Irine
I am interesting to know, will operate nVIDIA ForceWare 344.75 for a laptop? Simply, I heard that most of these drivers only for powerful gaming computers.

2015-01-26 13:17

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