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Pixel Gun 3D - a symbiosis of shooter and Minecraft for Android-devices, with elements of the RPG-setting. Players will have to create their own unique warriors, and fight with the characters of other people from around the world. Thanks to the system of standard and custom visual skins, you can not only differ from other players, but also simplify the life of your comrades in arms - because it will be much easier for them to recognize you in the heat of battle.

An abundance of weapons, ranging from magic wands or Nikola Tesla’s hand-held generator, to M-16 assault rifles and Stinger rocket launchers, will allow you to try out a wide variety of combat styles. A few, unlike each other, game modes - guarantee the opportunity to show your tactical abilities to the fullest. Chat with other players, unite in combat teams and become the best fighter of the planet!

Pixel Gun 3D Gameplay

  • Create your character - select his gender, basic abilities and customize his visual skin to stand out on the battlefield and simplify your identification by allies;
  • Defeat all enemies and remain the last survivor - in Battle royale mode;
  • Break through the crowds of zombies to unravel the main secret of the world Pixel Gun - in Campaign mode;
  • Fight off the waves of monsters, simultaneously obtaining food and equipment, and survive as long as possible - in Survival mode;
  • Fight teams - in the modes of team battle, death games, Capture points and Capture the flag;
  • Show your skill - in individual mode Deathmatch;
  • Get game currency and experience points for each victory, spend them on new equipment and development of your character's skills;
  • Communicate with other players using the built-in game chat, add them to your Friends, interact on the battlefield and become the best warrior in the world!

Features of the shooter

  • The combination of Minecraft, shooter and full PRG - in one bottle;
  • Eight game modes, each of which is unique in its own way;
  • The ability to play as a co-op and alone;
  • An extensive system of character skills;
  • 35 game cards;
  • Dozens of monsters;
  • Over 100 weapons;
  • Hundreds of items of equipment - for every taste;
  • In-game rating table;
  • Regularly held tournaments between players;
  • Fully animated, three-dimensional graphics;
  • Dynamic music and realistic sounds of shots;
  • The system for creating custom visual skins.


  • Integrated inserts of commercials;
  • Part of the in-game items - paid.

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Monday, 19 August 2019
Android 4.0 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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