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Drive Ahead! - A multiplayer simulator of gladiatorial transport battles for Android devices. Fight with other players on a wide variety of vehicle types - from cars or monster trucks to homemade clunks and flying saucers. Record battles and share them with friends.

Upgrade and customize your vehicles to make them even more destructive and recognizable. Distribute enemy vehicles and destroy the helmet of the pilots piloting them. Participate in various tournaments, head the in-game ranking table and become the best auto-gladiator of the planet!

Gameplay Drive Ahead!

  • Choose one of four game modes, available type of transport and rush into the arena;
  • Ram enemy vehicles to destroy them to the ground and become the winner of the round in One-on-One and Five-Five modes;
  • Hold out the longest at the top of the mountain for a limited time in the mode - King of the hill;
  • Perform special quests in the mode - Task at the stadiums;
  • Get virtual credits and experience points for each victory;
  • Discover new types of arenas and technology for experience points;
  • Spend credits in the prize giving machine to get spare parts for upgrading your clunkers and customizing their appearance, or buy new vehicles for loans in the auto shop;
  • Record gladiator fights and share them with friends;
  • Take part in tournaments and get unique rewards;
  • Surpass all other players in the in-game ranking and become the best auto-gladiator in the world!

Simulator Features

  • Four unique game types - Battle One on One, Battle Five On Five, Tasks at Stadiums and the King of the Hill;
  • Dozens of different types of technology, ranging from cars and ending with flying saucers;
  • Hundreds of, unlike each other, battle arenas, including - with robots and dinosaurs;
  • Thousands of modules for upgrading clunks and pumping their appearance;
  • The ability to play alone or with friends;
  • The function of recording battle and sharing recordings via instant messengers;
  • Fully animated two-dimensional graphics with a side view;
  • Dynamic background music and realistic rattle clunker.


  • Part of in-game content is paid;
  • Embedded ad inserts.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019
Android 4.4 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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