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Pokemon game with augmented reality
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			Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a multiplayer online game for devices running on the Android operating system, containing elements of additional reality. Players capture and train Pokemon, after which they can fight with other players.

Features of the game Pokemon Go

After downloading and installing, the user launches the application and camera of the device, after which what is happening around the screen will be displayed, and the game will insert Pokemon there. If two people are nearby, they will see the same Pokemon, but only one of the players will be able to catch him. You can play without the camera, while the avatar of the player and the map with objects on it will be displayed on the screen. Catching a pokemon, the player receives a certain amount of special game currency, which can be used to pump a pokemon. Interestingly, it will be possible to find Pokemon only in the habitat that corresponds to its appearance - near water and in other specific places (the rarest ones will be available only in a few places on the planet).

The advantages of the game Pokemon Go

  • completely new format of mobile game with additional reality and geolocation;
  • many types of Pokemon (more than 750 species), each of which can evolve;
  • implementation of a stadium system for player battles using captured and trained Pokémon;
  • the presence of a special bracelet Pokemon Go Plus, allowing you not to be distracted by the device's screen while playing or chatting;
  • the possibility of sharing pokemons and their joint capture.
  • application sociality - each player must interact with other players, go out, walk, and even travel in order to succeed;
  • A large number of players around the world.

Despite many advantages, the Pokemon Go game has several disadvantages:

  • the need to use the camera, because of what the gadget will be discharged much faster;
  • the presence of in-game purchases (purchased items do not give an advantage, but only facilitate the development of Pokemon);

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Monday, 14 February 2022
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