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			Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing - fun racing car, motorbike and various other vehicles, including tanks and the most unusual buses.

Hill Climb Racing functionality.

All control in the game is performed by two buttons - right and left at the bottom of the screen. They can add power and speed to move forward or backward, respectively. When moving forward, pressing the left button will slow down the movement. However, at the same time there may be a coup due to a sharp change in the movement of the wheels.

Before starting the game process, you need to select a map for racing, you can also improve the characteristics of the transport if there are available game currency units.

The main task is not to destroy the car and the driver, without damaging anything during falls or overturns, and get to the finish line, collecting fuel canisters.

Game features

The game engine simulates the behavior of road transport in a low gravitational field in a hypothetical area, which is replete with a variety of obstacles and difficulties in the relief. Also in the presence of such vehicles, which are somewhat distinguished from the rest of their unrealistic parameters in advance: the fragility of the body, sloppy assembly.


  • The complexity of running a race varies by vehicle characteristics (engine power, possible acceleration, weight, etc.), as well as an increase in the intervals between the fuel dispensers.
  • The race is always done with yourself from the list of the best time. You can navigate by the way transport goes nearby. However, there is a list of the total distance range on each of the maps - you can compare your passing with other users.
  • The game is regularly updated, new maps and new vehicles are added.


  • The presence of advertising.
  • All parameters are maximally simplified, it is impossible to see how and what affects the movement. Everything happens only on their own experience and the ability to understand traffic.
  • The same type of music and effects.

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