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Continuation of the popular strategy about zombies
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			Plants vs. Zombies 2 Free

Plants vs. Zombies ™ 2 is a symbiosis of turn-based strategy and tower defense for Android devices. Players will plunge into the abyss of uncompromising conflict between zombies and plants. Collect and lead the army of plants, develop a plan for the revolutions of the central brain and repel all the waves of attacks of the living dead.

Collect seeds and grow plants with their help, beat off spare parts from zombies and build lawn mowers, separate the defense in several lines to lure the enemy into a trap and enjoy those zombies falling apart. Take part in tournaments, complete quests or try endless siege mode!

Gameplay Plants vs. Zombies ™ 2

  • Choose an available task, story campaign quest, or endless game mode;
  • Examine the types of seeds at your disposal — unique plants with their own characteristics will grow from each specific type;
  • Plant the seeds so as to create a corridor of plants by entering into which the zombies will fall into a trap;
  • Watch as funny zombies fall apart into pieces after the attacks of your plants;
  • Collect fallen seeds and spare parts from zombies to plant new types of plants and make lawn mowers;
  • Buy special modifiers in the store to inflict even more damage on zombies;
  • Do everything so that the zombies do not get to the central brain - otherwise they will eat it!

Toy features

  • The combination of the gameplay of the tower defense, the entourage of a fun farm and a zombie apocalypse in one bottle;
  • Dozens of types of combat plants and zombies, including laser sunflowers, mermaid zombies, and risen from dead chickens;
  • Cute cartoon graphics;
  • Funny zombie phrases are dying;
  • Ability to craft lawn mower;
  • Pleasant music.


  • Integrated advertising;
  • Paid items in the in-game store.

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Additional Information

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Tuesday, 26 March 2019
Android 4.1 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Free for Android

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