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The second part of the dynamic fighting game
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			Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 - a classic two-dimensional fighting game arcade for Android-devices with elements of the RPG-setting. Players will feel like a ninja school of shadows. The gates of Shadows opened, and the demons of the souls of fallen warriors took over the world. To overcome them is beyond the power of ordinary warriors - only a student of the Shadow School is able to fight with demons.

Equip and arm your ninja, travel between different settlements of six provinces, fight demons of souls of fallen soldiers, learn new combat techniques in the process of battles, and do everything to get to the Gate of Shadows and lock them, forever expelling demons of souls from our world.

Shadow Fight 2 Gameplay

  • Choose one of the equipment available at the beginning of the game and one weapon, but note that each equipment and each weapon has its own characteristics;
  • Embark on a long journey between the different settlements of the six, not yet fallen, provinces;
  • Watch interactive clips after a visit to each new settlement, choose how to react to a particular situation, illustrated in the video, but remember that every choice will necessarily lead to far-reaching consequences;
  • Fight the shadow demons of the souls of fallen warriors, learn from them new fighting techniques and use them in the future;
  • Find new equipment and weapons, use them in battles, but keep in mind that different types of weapons are effective against different types of demons, and different armor protects against different attacks;
  • Find the mysterious Gate of Shadows, defeat all the enemies on your way, defeat the Gate Guardian Boss and seal them in order to return to the world the usual course of life!

Fighting features

  • Combination of fighting game, RPG and interactive movie in one bottle;
  • Six unique provinces with their own settlements;
  • Interactive videos when moving to each new settlement;
  • The ability to choose a reaction to a particular situation, and the far-reaching consequences of each choice;
  • Dozens of types of weapons and equipment - katanas, nunchaku, shuriken, amulets, smoke bombs and much more;
  • Hundreds of species of shadow demons of fallen warriors;
  • An extensive pumping system for combat skills of the character;
  • Deadly bosses and the legendary gatekeeper;
  • Two-dimensional graphics from the side, with the effect of shadow theater.


  • Integrated advertising;
  • Part of in-game content is paid.

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Friday, 24 December 2021
Android 3.0 or later
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Shadow Fight 2 for Android

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