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			CarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing is a three-dimensional multiplayer drift simulator for Android devices. Feel like a driver-drifter, participating in multiplayer (up to 10 players) races with real people or your own shadow in the individual tests.

Equipped with built-in recording features of races, with the possibility of their publication on YouTube, Everyplay and Facebook. Burn rubber, skillfully work with a handbrake, raise clouds of smoke over the track, pump, tune and customize your cars or buy new ones, win races and become the best drifter of the world!

Gameplay CarX Drift Racing

  • Choose multiplayer or Ghost mode of the game, and compete with real people or your own shadow;
  • Get behind the wheel of one of the cars available at the initial levels, select the driving mode and drive onto the drift track;
  • Accelerate on straight sections, use the handbrake in time, enter the side skid and burn rubber as long as possible to get the maximum points;
  • Come to the finish line before the other players or your shadow to win in the race;
  • Get experience points for clouds of smoke raised above the track and money for victories in races;
  • Open new tracks, cars, spare parts and customization modules for experience points;
  • Spend money on new cars and parts;
  • Lead the ranking table of players and become the best drifters in the world.

Simulator Features

  • Over 10 unique drifter tracks;
  • More than 50 cars, including exclusive, available only for VIP-players;
  • Hundreds of parts and customization modules;
  • Fully animated three-dimensional graphics;
  • Realistic physics of car behavior;
  • Pleasant sound;
  • Opportunity to compete with yourself;
  • 4 driving modes for each car;
  • Race record function and the ability to share video replay on YouTube, Everyplay and Facebook.


  • Some cars, spare parts and customization modules are paid;
  • In the current version of the game there is no possibility of saving the game progress (will appear in the next update) - when you delete the game, all achievements will be lost;
  • Integrated ad inserts.

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Sunday, 18 November 2018
Android 4.0 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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CarX Drift Racing for Android

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