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			Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits is a three-dimensional multiplayer simulator of illegal urban car racing for Android. Feel like an illegal racer, dodging a heavy stream of city traffic during illegal street races. Acquire, tune and customize sports cars, compete with real people from all over the world and have time to perform various extreme tricks in the process of the race.

Balance on the brink of chaos and control, outrun rivals, get away from the cops, explore new racing routes, increase your howl recognition on the streets of Blackridge, get through to the Major League of illegal racers, make everyone swallow the dust of each opponent and cover yourself with the glory of the best street race of the planet!

Game Need for Speed No Limits

  • Choose one of the available sports cars at the beginning of the game;
  • Study its specifications, strengthen the pros or level the minuses of your car by installing steeper spare parts;
  • Study the route, make a plan for the race and be ready to change it if the cops appear;
  • Drive to the night streets of Blackridge, maneuver between oncoming and passing cars, accelerate to the top speeds on level participants of the route and enter your car in a drifter skid when cornering;
  • Get to the finish line first to get prize money, or at least third to get experience points;
  • Do extreme tricks to get more experience;
  • Be prepared for the cops to jump in — not to catch yourself, no matter what;
  • Buy new parts to enhance the characteristics of your car and customize its appearance to increase recognition;
  • Challenge riders from other leagues to open access to new routes;
  • Buy new sports cars to be able to participate in races of other leagues;
  • Get into the big leagues, make everyone swallow the dust of anyone who dares to challenge you and become the best illegal planet racer!

Simulator Features

  • Detailed, fully animated three-dimensional graphics;
  • Realistic physics and behavior of the car;
  • Dynamic urban traffic simulation system;
  • Dozens of real-life cars and carefully thought-out race routes;
  • Hundreds of parts and customization modules;
  • Thousands of in-game events;
  • The chance of cops appearing, including on special sports cars and helicopters.


  • Part of in-game content is paid;
  • You need a high-speed internet connection.

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Friday, 19 July 2019
Android 4.0 or later
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Need for Speed No Limits for Android

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