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			Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is a multiplayer 3D simulator of illegal motorcycle racing for Android devices. Players will feel like an illegal motorcycle racer, burning rubber on city streets and country roads, on various types of motorcycles - from scooters to superbikes.

Maneuver at extreme speeds between cars, overtake other bikers, perform extreme stunts to increase your visibility, get to the finish line before other motorcyclists, regularly win in various tournaments and become the best motoraider.

Traffic Rider functionality

  • Choose one of the available scooters, choppers, motocross bikes or superbikes;
  • Drive onto city streets or country tracks, study the route and plan a race plan;
  • Maneuver between traffic flows on city streets, accelerate on highways, perform dangerous stunts to gain experience points and increase your recognition;
  • Get to the finish line before other motorcyclists and win money;
  • Open for experience points, and get for the money received, new motorcycles and parts of a higher class;
  • Reach a certain threshold of recognition to unlock the opportunity to participate in tournaments;
  • Pay entry fees to take part in tournaments and win to win a solid prize pool;
  • Win every championship, and top the in-game web ranking to become the best motorcycle racer of all time.

Simulator Features

  • The presence of both single player and multiplayer mode;
  • Four unique classes of motorcycle technology - motor scooters, long choppers, all-terrain cross-country motorcycles and high-speed super bikes;
  • 29 motorcycles of different classes;
  • Realistic traffic simulation system;
  • Detailed three-dimensional graphics from the first person;
  • Dozens of urban routes and country tracks for racing;
  • Hundreds of parts for tuning and appearance customization modules;
  • Career mode with 70 missions;
  • In-game ranking table of the best motorcycle racer.


  • Part of in-game content is paid;
  • Integrated ad inserts.

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Wednesday, 29 December 2021
Android 2.3 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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Traffic Rider for Android

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