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			Candy Camera

Candy Camera is a selfie camera for Android that allows you to edit and change photos using a large number of filters. Convenient and easy to use, has a lot of interesting features.

Candy Camera Features

The editor is equipped with special filters for selfie. They become available at the time of creation of the photo. You can change them by manual scrolling. Filters can change the hero's complexion, correct the general background of the photo and make the correct color accents.

The application is supplemented with special editing tools. They allow you to create the most beautiful photos and adjust the nuances that could not eliminate the existing filter. The most popular editing tools include narrowing, mascara, lipstick, whitening, eyeliner, rouge, concealer and other make-up items.

Additionally, you can decorate your photo with special stickers (stickers). They are sorted by specific criteria for convenient and quick access. All stickers are easily adapted to the size of the photo and can be placed anywhere in the picture taken. Among them are artistic, emotional and natural stickers.

Those who want to create several photos at once with similar settings can use the collage mode. It allows you to automatically edit all the pictures taken under one given style.

Application Benefits

  • silent photo option (extremely convenient for people in places where the greatest possible silence is required);
  • more than 30 filters for graphic photo change;
  • convenient and intuitive interface;
  • the presence of a large number of editorial functions.

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