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			SelfiShop Camera

SelfiShop Camera is an Android application designed to simplify the use of monopods with many additional features. Adjust the functions of the buttons on the selfie sticks and use the window to examine the script commands. Activate the mode of hidden use and make imperceptible to others photos or videos.

Features SelfiShop Camera

  • displaying current information about the current battery charge of the device in the upper part of the active window;
  • the presence of an assistant that provides detailed instructions for connecting monopods and setting up the application;
  • several white balance options with the ability to adjust in real time;
  • customizable resolution and aspect ratio shooting with the display of information about the size of the pictures taken;

Application Benefits

  • built-in gallery of photos taken with the support of most well-known image editors;
  • several options for scenes with the ability to quickly change the quality of the photographs;
  • the presence of many color effects and switchable toolbar;
  • the ability to view the amount of recordable memory on the used drive;
  • Built-in support for activating the shooting mode after clicking on the touch screen with recording off using the physical buttons.


  • rare problems with the initialization of the camera, making it impossible to shoot;
  • The time limit for free shooting is 10 seconds with the notification of the need to purchase a license;
  • availability of advertising content.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Android 2.3 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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SelfiShop Camera for Android

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