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ICQ Messenger - an adaptation of the eponymous text messenger for Android devices. Combines the client version of the interactive chat and utilities for video calls. Allows you to express emotions with stickers and impose three-dimensional masks on faces during video calls.

It can create encrypted data transfer protocols for organizing secure calls. Has the ability to add an unlimited number of participants in chat conferences. Equipped with the function of synchronizing all contacts, message histories and transferred files between multiple devices, incl. - working under control of different OS.

ICQ Messenger Functionality

  • Connects to the server database, logs in to the user profile, or creates a new one, and synchronizes all information about contacts, correspondence, call history and transferred files;
  • Displays a list of contacts and call history in the interface;
  • Finds the desired user in accordance with the data specified in the search string, opens his profile when clicked;
  • Creates text chat between specified users, incl. - several at once (unlimited number);
  • Sends the selected emoji or mic message dictated to the microphone;
  • Converts voice messages to text or vice versa; when a corresponding function is initiated, it plays them back or displays them on the screen, respectively;
  • Captures the video stream from the camera, and retransmits it to the interlocutor, displays the video stream from the interlocutor to the screen - when a video call is initiated;
  • Imposes the selected 3D mask on the user's face;
  • Creates encrypted information exchange gateways, to ensure greater security of correspondence or calls.

Features of the messenger

  • Text chat, online telephony and video calls in one bottle;
  • Automatic synchronization of contacts, stories and transferred files;
  • High data exchange rate and low traffic consumption;
  • No restrictions on the number of participants in the chat conference;
  • The function of automatic conversion of text to speech, and back;
  • The ability to communicate over an encrypted data exchange channel;
  • Lack of advertising and paid features!


  • The mask overlay function periodically responds to inanimate objects;
  • When converting speech to text, there may be significant discrepancies between the original and the result of the conversion (the person will say one thing, and the algorithm will write - quite another).

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