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WhatsApp Messenger - Android version of the free messenger, allowing you to exchange messages and media files. The application uses the Internet connection of the device. The program is an excellent alternative to SMS, since it does not charge its users a monthly data transfer fee.

WhatsApp Features

In addition to sending text messages, sharing photos, videos and documents, the application provides a call function. Using 4G / 3G / 2G / EDGE or WiFi connections to the network, you can make calls to friends and colleagues without time limits. Since WhatsApp uses Internet traffic, not tariff plan minutes, even calls abroad will be absolutely free.

Multimedia application allows you to record and send voice messages. The messenger provides communication in group chats, which makes it possible to collectively communicate with loved ones.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform service, having a version for personal computers that can be synchronized with mobile.

After installation, the utility easily integrates with the contact book and shows which numbers are registered in the system. When registering, there is no need to remember passwords and logins, since the entrance to the program is carried out using SMS messages sent to the user's device.

If the user is offline, the service will deliver a message to him as soon as a connection to the Internet appears. Also, the application has the ability to send locations, share contacts, send out to several numbers at once, send the history of correspondence to e-mail, set the wallpaper and set up notifications, choosing types of sounds and vibrations.

Advantages of the application

  • Work even with a low connection speed;
  • Fast data transfer;
  • Convenient interface;
  • Free access to all major features.

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