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Snapchat is a symbiosis of a messenger, video story aggregator, friends search engine and on-line video editor with animations for Android devices. Allows you to impose on the faces of people captured by the camera funny effects.

Able to track the location of other users, and mark them on an interactive map of the area. It has built-in instant messenger, with emoji stickers, Bitmoji, Snaps and traditional emoticons. It can analyze the interests of the user and create on their basis of feed-feed stories.

Snapchat functionality

  • Authorized in a user account or create a new one;
  • Loads data about the user's friends and their activity, displays the downloaded data in a list;
  • Creates a text chat between two users, forwards sent messages, emoticons, emoji stickers, Bitmoji and Snapy;
  • Analyzes the interests of the user, forms on the basis of them feed-tape of potentially interesting stories, reproduces selected stories in the interface;
  • Memorizes the last location of the user and displays it on an interactive map, displays location data on devices of friends;
  • Captures the video stream from the camera, analyzes the broadcast image, identifies the person’s face, attaches an animated snap-sticker to it (gone, spouts, antennae, tongues, etc.), embeds the Snap-effect into the video stream and sends it to the destination application.

Utility features

  • Dozens of pre-installed Snapov;
  • Built-in text chat;
  • The ability to find a friend on an interactive map of the area;
  • Automatic creation of feed-feed with potentially interesting story, based on the interests of the user;
  • Full synchronization with other video messengers.


  • Integrated ad inserts;
  • Some snaps, emoji stickers and bitmoji are paid;
  • The person identification algorithm does not always correctly respond to inanimate objects;
  • No write protection or screenshots (other users can save your face, for example, with cat ears).

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Thursday, 13 January 2022
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