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			AliExpress Shopping App

The AliExpress Shopping App is the client part of the same-name shopping service for Android devices. Intended and acquisitions to search for goods placed in the trading platform, accumulate and use discounts, receive and activate coupons, register and withdraw cashbacks, monitor the status of orders in transit.

Analyzes the interests of the user and forms a personalized selection of potentially interesting products based on them. Equipped with an integrated VPN, to ensure the security of cash transactions and the connection of the platform through an encrypted information gateway, bypassing locks.

Functionality Shopping App

  • Connects to the trading platform servers via standard network gateways or an encrypted VPN channel;
  • It analyzes the user's search history, forms on its basis an individual list of potentially interesting products, displays them in the form of feed-feeds in the main window;
  • Loads the list of goods placed on the platform, goes to the page with a detailed description of the selected product, by clicking on its name;
  • Conducts a transaction, in accordance with the chosen method of payment, upon purchase;
  • Keeps records of cashback points, displays their total number in your account, automatically converts cashback points into money when you request them to be withdrawn to the card or paid for with them;
  • Downloads and displays information about current discount offers and current promotions;
  • Activates entered promo codes and coupons;
  • Displays the latest known status information of the selected order that is on the way.

Utility features

  • The official client application from the creators of the service;
  • Integrated VPN;
  • Instant notifications about promotions, discounts, cashbacks, opportunities for obtaining a promotional code and other loyalty programs;
  • The ability to make secure online purchases right in the app;
  • Automatic formation of feed-feed with potentially interesting products, based on the history of search queries;
  • Order Tracking feature.


  • Algorithms for the formation of feed-feeds do not know how to distinguish real-interest user products from other search queries.

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