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Google Pay is an Android operating system application designed to make payments using a mobile phone and its functions without a bank card.

Google Pay functionality

The program interface is made as simple and convenient as possible. The application can run on top of all programs. To activate and log in you need to stretch from the bottom of the screen. Further work with the added bank cards is made. The selection of a card from the list is made by swiping from different sides.

Special features

Unlike most other applications, Google is not pre-installed on most Android versions, additional installation is required.


  • The program also works with virtual bank cards - for example, Yandex.Money service, mobile banks that provide their services without the presence of physical offices and branches or Google internal payments. In case of loss of the card, you can continue to work with it in the application.
  • The application regularly offers the user a variety of discounts and promotions to return cash in the form of a cashback.
  • The inclusion of the payment mode can be made using the touchpad or by entering a digital password.
  • Security of transfers and payments in Google Pay is provided at the maximum level. No data leakage is currently known.
  • When paying, no data about the card itself is transmitted. The application asks for input settings only when adding a map. Then she requests data from the bank, fixing the binding.


  • The utility is designed specifically for the Android operating system. However, not for specific manufacturers of mobile devices. Because the application can not always work correctly in some cases.
  • It is installed without additional checking the capabilities of the gadget. Therefore, you may get the impression that it will definitely work if the smartphone lacks capabilities (because of their absence from the outset or because of a breakdown).

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