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2GIS is a symbiosis of online navigator, offline maps and information guide for Android devices. Allows you to navigate the terrain with cell towers, Wi-Fi access points and global positioning systems GPS and GLONASS. It has pre-installed offline maps to save battery power and navigate in the absence of lack of communication.

Equipped with a built-in information and reference system that allows you to get detailed information about the route and the objects on the map. It has several modes of operation - "pedestrian", "road" and "public transport". If there is a connection, it downloads information about traffic jams, road works, hazardous weather conditions and other factors affecting the traffic situation.

Functional 2GIS

  • Displays an offline map of the area;
  • Adapts the way of plotting the route in accordance with the selected mode of operation;
  • Filters the display of objects on the map, according to the specified search parameters;
  • Reads data from the address entry line and routes between the specified points, or, if there is a signal, from the device location to the specified objects;
  • Displays background information about each selected object on the map;
  • In the presence of communication with cell towers, Wi-Fi access points or GPS and GLONASS satellites, it analyzes geolocation data obtained with their help and indicates the device’s location on the map;
  • It loads real-time traffic data from the Internet network near the paved route or the area viewed on the map in real time.

Navigator features

  • Several modes of operation;
  • Carefully-designed and proven routes for both transport and pedestrians;
  • The possibility of laying a route to a specific entrance;
  • Pre-installed information and reference system with information about hundreds of thousands of objects (ATMs, restaurants, hospitals, features of access to them, reviews of visitors, work schedules, etc.);
  • Availability of offline maps of the 9th ranks of the world;
  • Several ways to determine the location;
  • Download traffic data in real time;
  • Regular updates.


  • The lack of built-in chat for the rapid exchange of information between drivers.

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