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MAPS.ME is a symbiosis of offline maps, online reference and GPS-navigator for Android devices. It can be used both for finding objects, building routes or determining a location in real time, and for navigating in the absence of communication. He knows how to memorize paved routes, save them to bookmarks and share selected contacts using hyperlinks.

It has several modes of operation - Pedestrian, Bicycle, Automobile and Combined (for transfers to public transport). Equipped with a built-in information and reference system with tourist routes, work schedules and telephones of administrative, commercial and industrial facilities, an indication of difficult road conditions and other useful data.

MAPS.ME Functionality

  • Displays offline map of the area;
  • Memorizes the mode of operation, adjusts the way to build a route accordingly;
  • Routes between the specified addresses, selected objects or marked points on the map;
  • It determines the geolocation data of the user through the GPS module or cellular towers, marks the location of the device on the map;
  • Advances by voice on the need for maneuver;
  • Loads tourist routes, contact details, schedules and other information about the objects selected on the map from the built-in database - displays them in the interface;
  • It is synchronized with the online database, loads from it up-to-date information about traffic jams, hazardous weather conditions, road works and other nuances affecting the traffic situation;
  • Shares current routes to selected contacts in this way.

Navigator features

  • Ability to work in offline mode, if there is no connection or the GPS-module is turned off;
  • Several routing modes;
  • Pre-installed information database;
  • The ability to download up-to-date traffic data from the online database;
  • Voice notification system for necessary maneuvers;
  • Synchronization with the booking.com service;
  • The function of sharing data stored contacts.


  • Integrated advertising;
  • Part of the functional tools paid;
  • Prolonged use of the location function can severely discharge the battery.

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