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Official client of the WebMoney payment service
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			WebMoney Keeper

WebMoney Keeper is a client application of the same name payment system for Android devices. Designed to conduct secure transactions within the system and I / O money. Equipped with a built-in instant messenger to communicate with other users, own online store aggregator and QR codes scanner.

It has a multi-level security system to prevent unauthorized access to wallets by third parties and an FTP client for file sharing and uploading identity documents. It can be used to pay for utility services, car fines, mobile replenishment, billing and other payment transactions.

WebMoney Keeper Functionality

  • Creates a new user account (WMID) in the system or authorizes in the personal account of an existing one;
  • Downloads up-to-date information on account-linked wallets, transaction history and a list of new messages from other users;
  • Scan with the help of the camera QR codes and interprets the information encrypted in them;
  • Carries out (after confirmation) a transaction of the specified type according to specified parameters - output to the card, transfer to the wallet, payment by bank details, currency exchange, invoicing, giving a loan, loan processing, etc .;
  • Sends a text message to the selected correspondent (the user who has allowed to add himself to the contact list);
  • Downloads and displays a list of online stores that support the ability to pay for electronic currency of the service;
  • Sends selected files to specified users or to the system server (identity documents, screenshots of transactions, receipts, etc.);
  • Automatically terminates all initiated sessions if a hack is suspected, and sends the appropriate notifications to the user

Utility features

  • Everything you need to work with the WebMoney system, functional tools, right in the phone;
  • Independence from other Keeper service (even if a phone is hacked or stolen, an attacker will not receive electronic keys from other Keeper);
  • Multi-level security system and intellectual function of countering hacking;
  • The possibility of payment transactions with third-party services, banking organizations and online stores;
  • Built-in text chat, FTP client and QR code scanner.


  • For security reasons (countering money laundering), for handling large amounts, passport data must be downloaded;
  • 0.8% commission for any transaction (except exchange between your wallets).

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