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The latest version of the free e-mail client – DreamMail, was released in order to support the program and its distribution throughout the world. DreamMail European Community actively promotes its distribution. The new version of the program is absolutely free. Download free DreamMail from our website.


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DreamMail is one of the best email clients. The application developer is China. DreamMail used to work with mailboxes supported by POP3, SMPT, eSMPT, Hotmail, Yahoo protocols. With this program, you can use your mailbox as usual, getting its content, sending, and deleting messages. Mail filter of the application protects against spam and viruses and can help to effectively sort the mail.

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DreamMail capabilities.

  • Multi-user mode and the ability to store a large number of contacts.
  • E-mail client can be used simultaneously by multiple users, each of which can thus manage his mailbox. This is a great option if the hardware is not enough and you need to use the mail all at the same time.
  • Built-in templates and managing signatures.
  • Ready mail templates will help to avoid extra typing, required introductory part of the text is ready. It does the job with a quick e-mail. In the template, you can add your signature, which can be edited later.
  • Spam filter.
  • Excellent protection is built in the e-mail client, and it redirects suspicious correspondence to “Spam”.
  • Managing protocols.
  • The email client supports all protocols and integrates them into the user interface.
  • Message Filter.
  • Users can create "black" and "white" lists, and thus get rid of spam messages.
  • Can be viewed as html.
  • Mail can be displayed in an open html code and text format simultaneously. This feature will be useful for web programmers.

DreamMail is a legal free program that is available for all users. DreamMail can be downloaded from our server for free.

Installation file data
Category Mail Clients
Title DreamMail
Version 5.16.1009.1001
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 8.9 MB
Downloads 27,290
Price Free
Updated 2017-02-06

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DreamMail reviews

With this software, I can use my inbox as usual, it is the content, send and delete messages........

2016-02-13 18:06

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0 Olena
With this software, I can use my inbox as usual, it is the content, send and delete messages........

2016-02-13 18:03

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0 Rebecca
For me Thunderbird is the best mail client. Quick and lightweight with a mass of useful options. It has a "relative" in OS Linix, so I use them both.

2015-06-29 04:52

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+2 Anna
Nice release, very powerfull, but.... they didn't solve problem with koi8-r YET :(

2015-04-09 09:40

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0 Rick
Good client, a huge pile of settings, easy to use, excellent built-in filters, flexible management of mailboxes.

2015-01-02 23:29

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