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Lightweight free email client with powerful functionality
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We offer you a current version of the Foxmail free program. Many users have already given their preference to it and use it with great pleasure.

You can download Foxmail for free from our website right now. It is a very compact free e-mail client for comfortable work with emails. At the same time it offers a "bunch" of useful additional functions while working, such as letters and attachments. The program works with all modern protocols: POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and RSS, there is also the possibility of quick sending messages without involving SMTP- server when the computer itself plays its role. Foxmail copes with HTML. It not only can read the resulting HTML-code, but also create it easily, including "graphic" signature for sending.

You can read HTML- mail by means of both your own viewer, and using Internet Explorer. In this case, the browser itself will correctly display messages.
Here is the list of some features of the email client, after viewing which, a good many of you will certainly wish to download and try Foxmail:

  • setting a password for your account;
  • you can immediately create an unlimited number of mailboxes;
  • receiving mail from multiple addresses to one account can be configured (optionally);
  • self-adjusting module protection from any kind of spam;
  • easy to handle address book, integrated directly into the interface;
  • support for different kinds of macros;
  • editing and creating templates for new messages doesn't cause any difficulties;
  • intuitive mechanism for sorting messages based on various filters;
  • if necessary, it is possible to encrypt messages;
  • RSS-aggregator with search function, etc.

You should agree that on the basis of these features, it is worth downloading Foxmail. A great number of people appreciated this e-mail client. The program is good, solid, surprisingly simple, no-frills. What a simple user needs?

You can download Foxmail for free from our website right now and become the owner of the necessary in the "computer management" and free program.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019
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Foxmail for Windows PC

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0 Adolf
I use this email service for many months because it can block adresses from black list. I mean spam mail and mail with viruses.

2015-07-30 04:41

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0 Darrel
How do I block certain emails and Web sites using Fox mail 7.2

2018-02-16 19:41

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