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Despite the fact that now there are many services that allow to work with your mail through the web-interface, it is sometimes easier to use e-mail client by running it directly from the desktop.

Koma-mail is small (about 1.5 mb) free client software with closed source, which is used for receiving and processing e-mails. You can download Koma-mail for free from our website. It is designed for 32-bit Windows operating systems (Vista and Windows 7 are supported).
An updated version of the Koma-mail free mail client, which can be downloaded from our website, works with the email using such protocols as IMAP, POP3, SMTP, WebDav (Hotmail).

The program includes custom and anti-spam filters.
Among the main advantages of the new version of the application are:

  • the ability to run directly from removable storage and no need to install following Windows rules (portable- start mode);
  • Koma-mail is translated into many languages (more than 23);
  • it is possible to work via a secure SSL connection;
  • the program also provides the ability to create multiple accounts, each of which can work with mail received from multiple mailboxes (in order to download Koma-mail, use the link on our website);
  • Koma-mail can block unwanted scripts and ActiveX Components in HTML format messages;
  • RSS feeds, export and emails and contacts import are supported.

The disadvantage is the lack of ability to import Outlook Express email databases, and other e-mail programs. The formats which are available for import: “native”, EML, LDI and CSV-contacts, Outlook-wab. The interface also cannot be called comfortable: the program doesn't have mechanisms to help the user while entering accounts data, poorly structured and too much linear structure of settings, limited choice of the cyrillic encodings by only one - cp1251.

You can download Koma-mail for free from our website at any time convenient to you.

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Koma-mail for Windows PC

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0 Adolf
Easy service with many possibilities. Programm is translayed for many languages and also you can easy block unwanted scripcts here.

2016-03-16 18:17

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+1 Adolf
Useful client, because with its help you can block all unwanted scrits and functions of HTML language.

2016-03-11 19:40

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0 Susann
It's nice free client sowtware! And for me so imortant antispam-filter!:p I like it! Simple and useful!

2016-01-01 16:01

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