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The latest version of the free e-mail client – Evolution, has everything you need to easily manage your e-mail.

The program itself is a graphical client for managing email, contacts and notes. Initially, the program was created under the Linux platform, but eventually there were versions for other platforms, in particular for Windows.

The program interface is quite simple, but behind simplicity and minimalism hides broad functionality. After the first launch, the user is prompted to enter the e-mail data, his data, specify the type of encryption and other data.

The user can also choose the time zone. After a few simple steps of configuring, the program is ready to use. If there is a need for a simple, yet functional e-mail client, then Evolution is certainly worth downloading for free. The service offers a lot of opportunities.

Users can create folders, view incoming and outgoing messages, create new messages and send them en mass, subscribe to other users, filter messages, work with notes, calendars, contacts, synchronize data and connect different modules.
Evolution free download is very simple. This is a great tool for working.
The undoubted advantage of the application is the possibility of tagging messages.
For example, you can mark the message as " Important ", " Private " or "Signal", which greatly simplifies the search, in the case of the huge number of messages in the box.

If you need a good free email client, you can download Evolution from our website using a direct link below.

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Tuesday, 09 October 2018
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+1 Asif
Not an alternative for Microsoft Outlook.

2019-10-21 09:44

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+1 Adolf
For me it is very simple mail client, general thing, it can easily protect my mailbox from spam and block senders.

2015-12-11 10:27

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+3 aris95
Newest Evolution version for Linux is 3.24? Will there be new Windows versions?

2017-04-10 14:51

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