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TrueCrypt is a program for instant information encryption of data in real time, which creates a virtual encrypted logical drives that are stored as files. Program is intended for such operating systems as: Microsoft 7 (NT 5, Vista, XP), Linyx, Mac OS X. The program is in free access and it is possible to download TrueCrypt free from the website. 

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With the help of TrueCrypt software there is an opportunity of encryption of the hard disc partitions and removable storage information (Flach-cards, discs, etc.). All data that is stored using TrueCrypt, is located in homonym volume and is fully encrypted with the directory and file names. Created TrueCrypt volume is similar to the usual logical drive, so work with it is performed by means of conventional tools which deal with testing and defragmentation of disks and file system.

TrueCrypt creates an encrypted virtual disk:

  • in a file, which simplifies work with it - to copy, to move, to rename, and to delete;
  • in the partition of the disc and even the system partition, thereby improving performance and user-friendly operation;
  • full encryption of the content of removable devices (USB, Flach-cards, discs).


Additional features that are contained in the TrueCrypt program:

  • the program can be launched without its installation in the operating system;
  • the ability to create an encrypted dynamic file on a NTFS format disks. Such volume increases as the new data is accumulated to the specified maximum size. Using this feature affects the performance and security of the OS.
  • passwords and key phrases change without losing encrypted data;
  • backup and restoring of volumes titles is available.
  • the ability to manually, using "hot keys", run mount/unmount of the partitions and unhiding/hiding window;
  • use the program on your PC, in the general user conditions, on the basis of the initial installation of the program administrator.

Despite its apparent complexity, the TrueCrypt program is easy and effective.

TrueCrypt can be download free online and installed on your computer without much difficulty.

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Category Data Encryption
Title TrueCrypt
Version 7.2
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 2.45 MB
Downloads 467
Price Free
Updated 2014-06-18

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