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As well as the first product of the Teen Spirit project, the latest version of Jaangle provides an opportunity of playing various formats of video and audio files, and search and download noncommercial music from the net.

Jaangle is a free application that combines the functionality of a player and organizer with the advanced search by databases, as well as the ability to edit ID3v2 tags. Those who like simple and intuitive interface should download Jaangle for free. The program categorizes avi, ogg, mp3 and wma files, and then displays them in a separate browser. There is also support for DVD, CD, network and local drives in the application.

Module base of tag processing is Taglib library. It works according to the following principle: first it reads files with all data pertaining to the tag, and then carries out the so-called parsing, which is a syntax analysis of the file name, covering such categories as album, title, track, numerical order.

Application features:

  • Support for Last-FM and almost all currently existing audio and video formats that work with directshow filters, with minimum initialization of processor resources and memory;
  • many useful modes, for example, auto - DJ, Mini Player and so on;
  • multilingual interface with several built-in skins and different modes of visualization;
  • create hot keys that can be used to navigate without a mouse;
  • renaming (including batch one);
  • modernized search with fast click through if you need detailed information.

Interested in the possibilities of the player? You can download Jaangle for free from our website.

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