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Astroburn is a program for burning whatever information as to common CD-disks so to disks of most modern DVD formats and even Blue-ray. If you were in a long process of searching for a comfortable and functional program which would write a movie, music collection or office file to the disk of a certain size without problems, then Astroburn Lite is exactly what you need. Finish your search and download Astroburn Lite free easily from our site.

Free version Astroburn Lite, unlike paid - Pro, has a limited arsenal of features. However , the basic functionality of the free version is, that will not experience any discomfort when performing basic operations of recording CDs. Version for professional use has an extended range of options for copying, recording and erasing all kinds of optical discs: CD/DVD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD +R/RW, and others. Astroburn professional version can work with a wide variety of devices for optical drive . The main conceptual difference from Pro Lite is that the Lite - is, in fact, a free application that successfully completes Daemon Tools to empower the latter, but the Pro- version - it is a separate application, which is able to handle disk images. Astroburn Lite free download to use her exhaustive potential for a typical user, you can chat with us online.

Lite version interface is simple and user has his own way, not a lot of options and they are all in the mind, they find no difficulty. Colors from the shell easily changed to one that is more comfortable, and the writing process in Astroburn Lite is easy to start with just a few mouse clicks. Incidentally, the program can recover a disk image in ISO format back to disk.

If you have accumulated quite a lot of various types of content that you want to archive or otherwise recorded on optical discs of a certain format, then you can free download Astroburn Lite right now on our website, and then install and recording process will take a very short time.

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Astroburn Lite for Windows PC

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0 Andrew
With this nice programm I can easy made my own list of favorite videos or music. It is very simple in use, downloading is very fast too.

2016-07-21 07:25

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