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tool designed to decompress and extract files from any archive
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Universal Extractor is a very practical and easy to use utility that can extract files from multiple types of archives and installation programs. The functionality of the special TrID utility is integrated in the program and, thus, it is possible to identify more than three thousand of various types of files.

With great functionality and wide range of different functions, such archiver like WinRar and 7-Zip can not boast such a vast number of supported archive formats. Using them, you won't be able to open various software installers, designed on specific utilities, such as Windows Installer and MSI, which nowadays are increasingly presented. But sometimes there are situations where such an option could be much-in-demand. Download Universal Extractor now.


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For example, due to the action of virus codes, files important for the operation of some application, have been damaged and wouldn't run. Of course, you can simply reinstall the application, but then all stored settings will glork. And if it's a fatware package or a large computer game, which takes more than 1 GB of disc space? The most simple in this case will be the following decision - to pull the missing files out of the program installer and upload them to your corrupt software. This is what our Universal Extractor does, and operates in a split second.


Universal Extractor


Universal Extractor doesn't just support almost all existing formats of archives and installations, is also absolutely free and has great functionality, but it is also a comfortable and pleasant graphical shell.

Undoubtedly, Universal Extractor is a great choice! Download Universal Extractor from our site and try it out!

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Category Archivers
Title Universal Extractor
Version 1.6.1
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 5.3 MB
Downloads 398
Price Free
Updated 2014-07-20

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