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			Database Benchmark

Database Benchmark is an absolutely free software that allows you to test databases performance.
Due to the fact that this project is open source, any developer has the ability to make virtually any changes, as well as add his own ways to test databases, in order to best adapt the software to work in a variety of programs.

Friendly interface of this application provides convenient operation for not only developers, but also for almost any other user.
Up to date, a large number of companies use databases for processing and storing all sorts of information, and therefore, an important issue in this area is databases reliability and performance.

Through the use of such software as Database Benchmark, you get the opportunity to carry out a large number of tests, which will allow you to get the highest quality test, and thus the results.

All testing results have the form of various charts and graphs which allow you to accurately and quickly get the results of tests on the performance and reliability of tested databases.

Available simplicity and flexibility of Database Benchmark make this software the most perfect tool for anyone who has to deal with databases.

You can download Database Benchmark free from our site right now.

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0 Adolf
Nice view by simple charts, easy work with big data base. Interface not very difficult and can be clear even by child.

2016-06-05 13:50

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