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Open Server is a portable distribution of server platform for Windows. Equipped with integrated tools for developing web projects, testing and debugging. It has the function of "presentation" and "ranking" of web projects in local networks.

It contains the utilities necessary for editing web-code, creating graphic elements and archiving files stored on servers. Logs all actions performed with a web project to a log file. Supports work with PHP, HTTP, SSL and MySQL-modules.

Open Server Functionality

  • Creates web project files based on user specified web code fragments;
  • Integrates the specified PHP, HTTP, SSL and MySQL modules into the project;
  • Highlights the "syntax" and "vocabulary" of PHP- and HTTP-code in the interface;
  • Changes attributes of specified web project files according to user parameters;
  • Allows you to create graphic images and integrate them into specified locations of web project files;
  • Analyzes the work of the web project systems and logs each “change of its state” into a log file;
  • "Ranks" the web project in the local network according to the parameters specified by the user;
  • “Represents” the selected web project to other “correspondents” within the specified local networks;
  • Archives the specified files to optimize the server.

Platform Features

  • All necessary for creating web projects functional tools "in one bottle";
  • Easy to synchronize with PHP, HTTP, SSL and MySQL modules.
  • No installation required;
  • Full logging of all actions performed with the web project;
  • Ability to set rules for automatically launching a web project server directly from the interface;
  • Integrated domain name converter;
  • Reliable protection algorithms to prevent access to the servers of web projects "from the outside";
  • Cyrillic support in URl;
  • The ability to create "subdomains."


  • In the latest versions of the platform, some of the popular (but "obsolete") Nginx functions have been “cut out”;
  • Incorrect work of the Brackets web editor (there are alternative web editors in the distribution).

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