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			NeoAxis 3D Engine

NeoAxis 3D Engine is a powerful application with which you can create three-dimensional games. This is a ready-made engine, which has its own physics, models, patterns and graphics. On the basis of this program, you can make not only single models, but also great complexity visualization of software, or you can create full-featured 3D games. It all depends on what goals and skills the user has.

In NeoAxis 3D Engine there is a set of all necessary tools that a developer may need during the implementation of his idea. Here you can use one of the ready-made maps, the total number of which is 24. Some of the options are good shooters, where you can run in gloomy corridors, trying to find a way out, fight in a village with different monsters or shoot with aliens.

NeoAxis 3D Engine Features

  • the program has several separate applications, which include a configurator, a demonstration of all the capabilities of this program, an editor for all finished maps and an editor for the main program code;
  • the program allows you to synchronize over the LAN and the Internet;
  • the presence of a large number of languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, etc .;
  • convenient construction of the editor. There are various thematic folders where all the necessary program resources are structured;
  • Due to the presence of many ready-made maps and other models in the program, even a beginner can figure it out.
  • an improved system of card portals, with the presence of a large number of light sources;
  • high speed of loading maps with a large number of different objects;
  • the effect of sharpness;
  • lack of stencil shadows.

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