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Application for creating games without using code
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3D Rad is a free program for Windows OS designed to easily create various 3D / 2D games (without using code), as well as physical simulations and interactive applications. Game creation is based on a combination of different combinations of objects (components) and setting up their interaction. One of the important functions of the application is the import of ready-made 3D models into the project. This implies both the introduction of single objects, and combining them into more complex structures.

The main features of the program 3D Rad

  • Creating 3D-games under any license and without the use of code.
  • The presence of 2 types of cameras (pursuit camera and first-person).
  • The presence of built-in systems of sounds and particles.
  • Presence of a plug-in for importing finished models from SketchUp.
  • Add a variety of game effects in the format of WAV and OGG.
  • Simple control of the direction of lighting.
  • Connect to your own scripts.
  • Working with the script editor, compiling help for them.
  • Checking the network game (via script).
  • Embedding games on a web page.

The import function inherent in the free 3D Rad program also allows you to save visually combined objects, for example, for systems such as airplanes and cars. 3D Rad makes it possible to work comfortably with sound, light, particles, animation, shaders, textbooks and other elements necessary for building games. In this application provides the opportunity to study the physics of collisions and destruction.

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