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Wonderful, simple and very fast SiteDiagnostics program gives you the opportunity to apply the most basic diagnostic steps for your website in literally a couple of clicks. The program has all the features you need to keep your site up to date. It allows you to check your code for errors and determines download speed of pages on your website. You can always download SiteDiagnostics free from our portal.

Key features of SiteDiagnostics:

  • Sending a request for information from the whois-server;
  • Test for correctness and accuracy of DNS-records (the program checks only A-record);
  • Performing route trace and ping for each node on the route;
  • Checking the server response code and displaying the title of its response for the request;
  • Validation in PHP scripts and code check for errors;
  • Scanning and displaying a page or file, as well as time taken to boot.

Moreover, if the SiteDiagnostics program finds any errors in the process of diagnosis, they will be displayed in the window with the notes which will be absolutely clear for even beginning users. Also, the output of the program's logs can be safely sent to the technical support of your host or ISP. This program will be very useful not only for owners of Internet resources, but also for system administrators, as it saves time while downloading a variety of tools (for example, Trase or nslookup).

You can download SiteDiagnostics absolutely free from our server using link bellow on this page.

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0 Alex Proc
If you're want to know some new about your site this programm is realy needed. I used it not so long, but can say this is good soft for developers.

2015-06-11 22:52

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